The Tank iPhone 4S Case, One Mean Ugly Rugged Case (Video)


Case-Mate's latest tough case might be one of the most ugliest cases you've come across, but at least it's one of the most toughest iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 cases Case-Mate has ever made that meets and exceeds military specs. It's called the Tank, seems only fitting for such a case. Yes but what's different about this one that Griffin's Survivor case doesn't have? The Tank case was designed to have a unique retractable screen that shields and fully protects the iPhone's glass screen against impacts, cracking and condensation. The Tank's exterior is made up from a hard, shatter-resistant polycarbonate shell coated with a rubber soft-touch grippy coating and a soft silicone core for more than just drop protection. 

Sounds like a winning hybrid combination that can take a beating like a punching bag. Case-mate says the Tank's hard polycarbonate exterior shell is 2.5 times more shatter resistant than similar tough cases meeting military specs. Case-Mate's most protective case can be had for $60 of your cold hard cash and comes in black and pink. Video after the break!

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