Apple's New Smart Covers For iPad 2

All new iPad, all new cases. Apple's iPad 2 brought an array of new colored cases this year opposed to the boring black iPad Case Apple released with the first iPad. The new Smart Covers by Apple are a totally new and unique way of how we look at cases for the iPad. The new Smart Covers provide even less protection than the older black iPad Case because of how they work. The Smart Covers are not really cases but covers for the front screen of the iPad 2 but they also double as a stand for typing and viewing movies. They work on magnets and attach to the iPad 2's screen quickly and easily. Not only do these Smart Covers protect your iPad 2's screen, they clean it as well because of the microfiber lining. 

So basically what you're getting using a Smart Cover is screen protection and no back protection. You do however get the ability to flip back the Smart Cover to immediately have a keyboard and FaceTime video stand. To see how this all works out, check out the Smart Cover page. In addition to all this colorfulness we've seen with the Bumper cases for the iPhone 4, the iPad 2 will automatically lock and go to sleep once it's covered by the Smart Cover and will instantly come back to life once you remove it. It's pretty genius. 

Apple did it again with perfect accessories for the iPad 2. You can choose from 10 total colors, 5 being made out of polyurethane (same as the original black iPad Case) and surprisingly enough, 5 leather colors. The poly Smart Covers are priced at $39 while the leather ones will set you back $69. Those are pretty pricey.

Nir Schneider