Radiul iPad Document Holder, Makes Life Easier

Paper has become a medium that some of us have tried to get rid of entirely if we could, but nonetheless, they are persistant. Popping up in our mailboxes, getting sent down from our bosses, and even being accepted as money... although I suppose that's the only kind of paper nobody wants to just rip into shreds. No matter how much we want to surround ourselves in just emails and digital print, we will still have to live with the traditional method for a while. That is what makes Radiul a nice accessory for everybody.

Everybody has bills to pay, everybody has to read something off of paper once in a while, but why not make it easier and more comfortable while we're at it? Radiul acts as a stand for all your papers whether they're the phone bills that you have to pay or some academic article you have to read for your research paper. Simply attach it to your laptop, iPad, or counter, you can prop them up in a convenient position. Using a simple but effective curve shape, the Radiul does its job. 

This extremely portable accessory is currently in its mid stage of a Kickstarter campaign, and if you're interested in seeing this idea become reality, go ahead and pledge $30 or more for your very own Radiul.