Fourth Generation iPad Strikes With Lightning And Then Some

The Internet is buzzing with Apple activity today, with just about everything Apple trending on Twitter. At the California Theatre in San Jose, CA, Tim Cook and his team announced a plethora of brand new products including the much anticipated iPad mini, that will leave a good number of us in a heap of credit card debt. The iPad 3 was "resolutionary" with its Retina display, but Apple wasn't satisfied with that just yet. They announced a number of upgrades that will be going into the new Big Daddy of iPads now dubbed the iPad 4, which is the 4th generation iPad Apple has released.

Getting rid of the old 30-pin connector, Apple is equipping the updated iPad 4 with the new Lightning connector that we first saw debut with the iPhone 5. Some people have been complaining about the responsiveness of their iPad and how the A5X processor just wasn't enough. If you're one of those people, there is good news coming. Apple's brand new A6X processor will give deliver twice as much CPU and graphics performance than its predecessor. Despite the huge boost in power, Apple claims to have maintained its amazing 10 hour battery life. To sweeten the deal, Apple has finally upgraded the front facing camera to the iSight camera, which is capable of 720p HD quality video chats. As for the back camera, it has not changed, but you shouldn't even be using it anyways... 

This new iPad was more of a "S" upgrade, which involved mainly updates to the internal specs. The 4th-generation iPad will be available in black and white with the same size configurations as the older iPad models, starting at $499 for the 16GB WiFi model and $629 for the 16GB cellular model. The new iPad is also compatible with international LTE carriers now as well. 

Get your credit cards ready on the 26th to preorder and expect the WiFi models to ship beginning November 2nd and the cellular models two weeks after.