Apple Kills Lala

On May 31st, Apple shut down the servers for the music streaming site Lala, which Apple bought about 5 months ago. Now if you use Lala, you must be wondering what will happen to all the money you have spent on the service. Well, you will get an iTunes Store credit code sent to you by e-mail and Apple says that it will round refunds under $10 up to the nearest $1 and refunds of more than $10 to the nearest $5.

However the question on everybody's lips is: What will replace Lala?

Well, Apple didn't just spent $80 million just to shut it down. So many people are speculating if Apple is going to release a streaming service of it's own? The Wall Street Journal was told by “people familiar with the matter” that Apple will launch its own version of Lala’s music streaming service. If the WSJ’s sources are correct, you’ll be able to upload your iTunes library to Apple’s servers so you can listen to them on other computers or a devices like an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, but as long as you have Internet access.

But when will this come? Many are saying that it will be announced at WWDC in light of it being shut down a week before the keynote. So I guess we will all have to wait until June 7th to find out.

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