Google Hates Windows

The Financial Times is saying that Google is banning the use of Windows internally. This is in light of the security breach caused by Chinese hackers; Google's IT team are saying that they "feel that Microsoft's OS represents too great a risk across the enterprise to keep using it."

Google has always allowed employees to choose what OS they want to work on. But as of now they can only choose between Mac and Linux, (I know which one I would choose...) as installing Windows on desktops is "strictly forbidden." Because of the "security risk." However, all those Windows fanboys over at Google can still use Windows but only on Laptops.

So what will happen to all that Wintel hardware? Well, they will either run Linux or Google's upcoming Chrome OS, but adding Mac OS X will mean buying Mac hardware. Maybe that's what the Steve-Eric Coffee Summit was all about as Eric said that "truckloads of MacBook Pros heading for the Googleplex."

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