LEAP Brings Motion Control To Your Computer

If you have seen the ridiculed touch-screen computer rumors floating around the web, then this may be the evolved form of it. Leap Motion has started a new project called “LEAP” which focus on your hand motions to control your computer. A small box placed in front of your computer screen reads and tracks your hand motions and transfers them to your monitor. This idea and technology is relatively similar to Microsoft’s Kinect, which provides an interactive experience with the Xbox 360 and Windows computers.

The LEAP strives to provide its users a gestures-only experience, similar to Apple's trackpad multi-gestures. While motion-controlled computers are a fairly new concept, Leap promises an innovative approach to your daily computing and at a surprisingly low price. You can pre-order the LEAP on their website at $69 a pop. 

The video shows the LEAP at work. 

Gadgetmac’s CES 2012 Coverage

Starting yesterday and coming into full swing today, nerds and geeks from all corners are celebrating for CES 2012 has finally begun. The 2012 Consumer Electronics Show is one of, if not the, biggest tech events of the year. Companies from all over congregate in Las Vegas to showcase their newest products. We will be giving you updates with the best stuff coming out of CES!

Check after the break to see a breakthrough of several categories that will be touched upon during CES and to see continuing coverage of the show throughout the week! Be sure to head over to our CES 2012 page for all things CES.

Kinect SDK Beta Released


Today June 16th 2011, Microsoft released the beta version for there long awaited Kinect Software Development Kit. This happens to not be the first development kit released for the Kinect, but is the official one released by Microsoft. It can be downloaded now for Windows 7 only for 32-bit or 64 bit.

Adobe Flash Player 10.2 Officially Out

Adobe released an the Flash Player 10.2 update for both Windows and Mac bringing a new feature called Stage Video API that promises to reduce the load on your CPU while viewing flash videos online in HD 1080p. You can hit the this link to download the latest Flash Player. If you're using Google Chrome, in your browser go to Chrome - About Google Chrome and you should be ready to install the newest 10.2 Flash Player by restarting your Chrome browser. 

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Microsoft Confirms Windows Phone 7 OEM's


Microsoft's Senior Product Manager, Greg Sullivan, confirmed who the Windows Phone 7 launch OEM's would be in an interview with Pocket-lint. Dell, Asus, LG, HTC, and Samsung are all going to have Windows Phone 7 on some sort of device at around the time of the launch date but we do not know what these devices will be yet. Talking of the launch date, Microsoft is saying "Holdiays 2010," so we should see some devices in time for Christmas. But, knowing Microsoft, they will release most of the devices in January and miss the Holiday season.

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Source Pocket-Lint

Google Hates Windows

The Financial Times is saying that Google is banning the use of Windows internally. This is in light of the security breach caused by Chinese hackers; Google's IT team are saying that they "feel that Microsoft's OS represents too great a risk across the enterprise to keep using it."

Google has always allowed employees to choose what OS they want to work on. But as of now they can only choose between Mac and Linux, (I know which one I would choose...) as installing Windows on desktops is "strictly forbidden." Because of the "security risk." However, all those Windows fanboys over at Google can still use Windows but only on Laptops.

So what will happen to all that Wintel hardware? Well, they will either run Linux or Google's upcoming Chrome OS, but adding Mac OS X will mean buying Mac hardware. Maybe that's what the Steve-Eric Coffee Summit was all about as Eric said that "truckloads of MacBook Pros heading for the Googleplex."

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