LEAP Brings Motion Control To Your Computer

If you have seen the ridiculed touch-screen computer rumors floating around the web, then this may be the evolved form of it. Leap Motion has started a new project called “LEAP” which focus on your hand motions to control your computer. A small box placed in front of your computer screen reads and tracks your hand motions and transfers them to your monitor. This idea and technology is relatively similar to Microsoft’s Kinect, which provides an interactive experience with the Xbox 360 and Windows computers.

The LEAP strives to provide its users a gestures-only experience, similar to Apple's trackpad multi-gestures. While motion-controlled computers are a fairly new concept, Leap promises an innovative approach to your daily computing and at a surprisingly low price. You can pre-order the LEAP on their website at $69 a pop. 

The video shows the LEAP at work.