LEAP Brings Motion Control To Your Computer

If you have seen the ridiculed touch-screen computer rumors floating around the web, then this may be the evolved form of it. Leap Motion has started a new project called “LEAP” which focus on your hand motions to control your computer. A small box placed in front of your computer screen reads and tracks your hand motions and transfers them to your monitor. This idea and technology is relatively similar to Microsoft’s Kinect, which provides an interactive experience with the Xbox 360 and Windows computers.

The LEAP strives to provide its users a gestures-only experience, similar to Apple's trackpad multi-gestures. While motion-controlled computers are a fairly new concept, Leap promises an innovative approach to your daily computing and at a surprisingly low price. You can pre-order the LEAP on their website at $69 a pop. 

The video shows the LEAP at work. 

Xbox Outs Modern Warfare 3 Xbox 360 Slim, Wireless Bluetooth Headset

We just thought you should know that Microsoft teamed up with the awesome folks over at Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games to bring you a limited edition 320GB Xbox 360 Slim all tricked out with the official Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 theme that includes both the console itself and two wireless controllers complete with custom sounds from the game. How sweet is that? A free one month of Xbox Live Gold subscription will also be included in this MW3 Xbox 360 bundle. The console will hit stores on November 8 with a $399 price tag with pre-orders starting as of today. In addition, the Modern Warfare 3 Wireless Bluetooth Headset will retail for $69.99, and it will be available on October 11. Hit up the source link for more.

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Star Wars Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle Announced, Droid Awesomness

Star Wars fanboys rejoice! Your dreams of owning a Star Wars themed Xbox 360 are now a reality thanks to Microsoft releasing a new Xbox 360 with Kinect bundle in a cool Star Wars Droid theme staring a Storm Trooper-like white and black Kinect sensor bar, a shiny golden C-3PO themed controller and last but certainly not least, the 320GB Xbox 360 itself in the R2-D2 themed color scheme complete with cute R2-D2 sound effects. Microsoft has officially announced this Star Wars Kinect bundle at Comic Con today, where else? The bundle will be available in November, and you'll be able to pre-order yours starting today at retailers for a cool $449. Hit up the source link for more photos plus a video.

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Halo 4

At E3 today, Microsoft's 2011 keynote, Halo 4 was ofifically announced with Master Chief and Cortana kicking off the game. Up to 343 Industries are at the reigns with a Holiday 2012 launch date. There is also a trailer after the break.

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Portal 2 DLC Comming in Summer

Valve has just announced that the first DLC for Portal 2. Portal 2 DLC #1 has just started in development and will be geared toward release this summer. Valve announced this Friday (4-29-11) and will offer new test chambers, leaderboards, challenge mode for single and multiplayer modes and much more secret stuff'. They have also announced that this will be free for Mac, PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 which is great but we will half to wait and see for this summer release.

Razer Announces Onza Gaming Controller For Xbox 360

Razer has introduced a new gaming controller made for the Xbox 360 called the Onza in two models. The Onza Tournament Edition professional gaming controller will cost $49.99 while the regular Onza professional gaming controller will cost $39.99, both controller are identical except for adjustable resistance analog sticks, backlit action buttons, a tournament grade braided cable with a quick release USB connector and rubberized coating for non-slip action. The Onza gaming controller features two additional fully programable multi-function buttons, force feedback functionality, PC compatibility and an integrated headset port Xbox Live connection. The two Onza gaming controllers will be available for pre-order starting Jan. 17th and will be available only for the Xbox 360. 

Nir Schneider