Microsoft Kinect For Xbox 360 Available November 4


Microsoft recently announced the new Xbox 360 Slim at E3 as well as the new Kinect motion control. Both now have the same glossy black finish. The new Kinect will be available on November 4 with matching game titles:

  • Kinectimals - Nintendogs but with wild and impossibly cute animals
  • Kinect Sports - Soccer, bowling, track and field games, a bit like Wii Sports
  • Joyride - "Thrill of high speed kart racing, with the joy of controller-free gaming"
  • Kinect Adventures - Jumping around and stuff
  • Your Shape: Fitness Evolved - most amazing looking fitness game we've seen yet, from Ubisoft
  • Dance Central - an actual, honest to gosh dance game without stupid pads -- from Harmonix

The new Kinect will be priced at $149.99. Available for pre-order on GameStop right now.

Source Engadget, GameStop

Nir Schneider