iPhone Signal Problems? Theres a wrap for that.


Since the iPhone 4 was launched, many people have noticed drastic problems with the signal when the hold it in their left hand (Read Here) but now one entrepreneur has been very busy over the past few days to make a protector for the side of the iPhone 4.

The iPhone 4 is still under a week old and already awrapforthat.com has made vinyl skins that wrap around the antenna on the device. Why would you want that? Because it apparently it fixes the the so-called “Death Grip” problem.

Now Steve Jobs said that you should "buy a bumper or one of the many available cases" so you could save $20 buy buying one of these skins for only $9.99. Now, these skins are going to be much thinner than the bumper and will only surround the antenna going around the iPhone 4, so there will be almost no protection when dropped. But on the upside, they’re apparently thin enough that the iPhone will fit in the dock with them on, and they come in many different colours and patterns. 

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Source awrapforthat.com