Bluelounge Introducing CableClip

Bluelounge introduced it's new CableClip, which are multi-purpose clips to help you organize and neatly store all your cables and wires tangle-free. CableClips come in three sizes - small, medium and large to accommodate short and thin wires such as earphone cords, USB cords, audio cords and also thick cords like power cords and ethernet cables. Aside from storing you cables and cords, CableClips also help you keep things organized by shortening any longs cords and cables you might be using such as a laptop power cord. Bluelounge's CableClips come in various different colors and each package only includes single sized CableClips of your choice for $9.95. They are now available so hit up the link below to get more info.

Source Bluelounge

Nir Schneider