WaterField Designs Intro Suede Jacket For iPhone 4


WaterField Designs have updated their popular and simple but yet effective Suede Jacket slip pouch to fit the iPhone 4. There are now new Cheetah and Zebra prints available besides the classic black. The Suede Jacket is made out of Ulrtasuede material which is very soft and thin. The Suede Jacker for iPhone 4 come in two different versions, one to fit your naked iPhone 4 and one to fit your iPhone 4 with an Apple Bumper installed on it. Also you have the choice between the plain Suede Jacket slip pouch or one with an added pocket for cards and money. Prices start at just $10 and go up to $16. So hit up the source link to pre-order yours.

Source SFBags | WaterField Designs

Nir Schneider