iSkin's Solo & Revo4 iPhone 4 Cases Available Tomorrow

iSkin announced that it will start selling it's long-awaited iPhone 4 case line-up which includes the popular and most favorited (made up word) Solo and Revo4 cases. There isn't anything new with these iPhone 4 cases except of course the updated design that's made to fit the new and more squarish design of the iPhone 4. iSkin also points out that these cases are made with 100% radio-transparent materials, which means that they will not interfere with your signal. The Solo case is a very slim TPU case that offers good protection while the Revo4 offers great shock and drop protection while adding some bulk. 

Don't expect these cases to come cheap, iSkin offers well designed, high quality cases and they charge a good amount for them. You will be able to order yours starting tomorrow - 5th of August. 

Source iSkin via Twitter

Nir Schneider