Apple Patent Showing "Smart Bezel"

Apple has been publishing a lot of new patents, from a 'Magic Mouse with display', to 'Cover Flow-like spiral interface' but nothing like the latest 'Smart bezel'. The patent details the bezel all the way around the device will be touch sensitive and contain touch sensors, pressure sensors, light emitters, haptic actuators, and accelerometers. With all these in the bezel you wouldn't need to have settings for volume control or brightness and much more. Also the patent seems to describe ways to use the bezel for locking/unlock a device, toggle a device on and off, and toggle silent/load function. This could actually get rid of the lock/unlock button and home button and create the button-less iPad. This could also make its way onto Apple's MacBooks/Macbook Pro's. It is obvious that Apple is looking for an alternate input method to push their technology further in the tablet market.