Boost Your iPad 2's Sound With The SoundJaw

One thing Apple hates and will never do is place a speaker on the front of their portable handheld devices such as the iPhone and the iPad. The iPad 2 suffers more than any other Apple product because of its badly placed speaker. SoundJaw was created to fix the iPad 2's back firing speaker and works by redirected the sound towards you. The result is a much louder and richer sound. The slim design of the SoundJaw adds little to no bulk and clips to surround your iPad 2's speaker. If you've been redirected your iPad 2's sound with just your hand like me so you can actually hear something, it would be safe to say that we both could use a SoundJaw. $20 is going to get you one of these over at kickstarter. See the SoundJaw in action right after the jump.


Nir Schneider