CruxCase Makes First Bluetooth Trackpad Enabled Clamshell for iPad 2

CruxCase is ClamCase's biggest rival for making clamshell keyboard cases for the iPad and iPad 2. CruxCase's latest clamshell keyboard case for the iPad 2 is called the Crux Loaded. It's the first clamshell keyboard case for the iPad 2 in the world to offer a built-in Bluetooth trackpad and an additional external battery to power up the iPad 2. CruxCase has been developing the technology that allows you to navigate the iPad 2 using the Crux Loaded's Bluetooth trackpad. You will even be able to use Multi-Touch gestures with the Bluetooth trackpad so you won't even need to touch the iPad's screen. CruxCase is cleverly using remote-desktop apps such as LogMeIn Ignition to display the full potential of the iPad's ability to remotely access your desktop of a Mac or PC over the internet and making it look like the iPad 2 has laptop functionalities. The problem is that this method can't replace a laptop just yet because of the extreme lag between the devices. 

How CruxCase plans to get their trackpad to work with the iPad 2 over Bluetooth is a big question mark. Even Apple hasn't made it available with their Magic Trackpad or any other Bluetooth mouse for that matter. The Crux Loaded isn't yet available, but does already have a price tag of $249.

Nir Schneider