Could This Be The Redesigned 2011 MacBook Air?

What looks like a totally new redesigned MacBook Air graphic has been recentely leaked in between the cracks of all the rumors that have been circling around in these recent weeks. M.I.C Gadget reports that it got a tip from a source at Foxconn, the manufacturing plant in China that produces Apple's desired gadgets, and they believe that it is the real deal. From the pic, it looks like Apple has redesigned the hinge and the external enclosure quite a bit from the current 2010 unibody MacBook Air. Further more, who ever leaked the image has also said the new 2011 MacBook Air is thinner and much lighter. It would be typical of Apple making the MacBook Air even thinner. The pic only reveals one side which shows an SD card slot and nothing else. Apple is expected to release an updated MacBook Air very soon, but a total redesign wasn't really anticipated. 

Nir Schneider