Lens Loop Makes A Better Camera Strap

Despite its name, the Lens Loop is a simple, fully adjustable camera strap designed using a 2-inch wide seat belt webbing as the strap and comfortably rests the weight of your camera on your shoulder instead of your neck. The Lens Loop attaches to any camera using a universal camera connector that can support even the largest of DSLRs. The Lens Loop stays as slim and minimal as possible without any bulky shoulder pads to move around so you can roll it up like you would unroll a fruit roll-ups, and easily store it inside your camera gear bag. By not including a shoulder pad, I could see a potential comfort problems with photographers who use large and heavy DSLRs. You can pre-order a black Lens Loop over at Kickstarter for $25, and $35 for any other color. 

Nir Schneider