Klinggon, A Stylish Magnetic Earphone Holder

Some people must have all of their cables organized in some sort of cable management, me? I couldn't care less. What you're looking at isn't Nike's latest shoe technology. No, these are quite simply a cable management solution for your earphones. The name is Klinggon, a little stylish dual-injected hard plastic and silicone earphone and cord holder that can be magnetically attached to your clothing using built-in neodymium magnets that will not damage your clothing but will interfere with a pacemaker. That is if you've got one in you. The Kilinggon's main purpose is to keep your earphones from ever falling to the ground and the cord from getting in your way while you're hard at work doing what you do best in a stylish way.


The Klinggon does look really good on its own, but who should really invest in one? Someone who hates having cables flying all around while running would be my guess. The Klinggon can also double as a neat dock for your earphones when you're not using them instead of ruining a perfectly good pair by tossing them in your bag or pocket. It could be available in 8 awesome color combinations if this Kickstarter project will end in success. If you think you and your earphones are in need of a Klinggon, you can pre-order yours for $25. Meanwhile, I think I'll stick to my bad habits of stuffing my earphones inside my pocket.

Nir Schneider