Bluelounge Jimi, A Clever Frustration-Free USB 3.0 Attachment For iMac

Designed to work only with Apple's ultra-slim 21.5-inch and 27-inch iMacs, Bluelounge's new Jimi is a USB 3.0 extension port that plugs into one of the iMac's four hard-to-reach rear facing USB 3.0 ports allowing you to charge and transfer data quickly using its front-facing USB 3.0 port. The Jimi is one of many similar USB extension adapters created to help iMac users avoid frustration with having to reach blindly around to connect a USB peripheral. We recently covered a similar solution called the iMaccompanion, which in comparison offers a more premium aluminum-made front-facing USB port extension that while may be a more sturdy adapter, is more expensive and only offers USB 2.0 support.

Made from a flexible material, the "J" shape of the Jimi enables it to secure and clip into the iMac's speaker/air vents without causing any cosmetic damage to the aluminum finish. You can purchase Bluelounge's Jimi today in black for $15.

Nir Schneider