CalypsoPad Is A Luxurious Landing Pad For Your iPhone

CalypsoCrystal makers of the awe-inspiring CalypsoCase, have released their third offering dubbed the CalypsoPad. The CalypsoPad is designed to keep your iPhone 4 and 4S comfy and scratch-free while you set it on your desk. Think of the CalypsoPad as the most amazing resting spot you can ever set your naked iPhone on. It's handcrafted using the finest premium Italian leather and stitched to perfection. The CalypsoPad will also keep your desk in mint condition with a cushioned fabric bottom that grips the surface so your iPhone won't slide about. A magnetic pull tab makes sure that you're iPhone's charge and sync cable will always stay put and ready to mate.

The CalypsoPad is available now and comes in two flavors, Owami Peak beige patterned Italian leather and Karoo Slopes black patterned Italian leather with red stitching for $39.

Nir Schneider