Curb MacBook Stand Cools Using Lift, Looks Good Too

After it released its AL13 aluminum bumper case for the iPhone, Designed by M is looking to reduce the amount of heat your MacBook generates by elevating it in order to increase cooling air flow underneath it with what the company calls the Curb. Featuring a MagSafe power cord catcher notched in its center, the Curb is a long silicone stand designed as a minimalist scalene triangle so it can be used in two different firm elevation heights that work on a flat desk surface, your lap or on a bed while reducing heat and thus fan noise. The Curb isn't the first of its kind, but it is one of the more affordably priced and good looking stands out there. Designed by M's Curb will ship in October, and you can pre-order one starting today in 7 colors for $13.