Curb MacBook Stand Cools Using Lift, Looks Good Too

After it released its AL13 aluminum bumper case for the iPhone, Designed by M is looking to reduce the amount of heat your MacBook generates by elevating it in order to increase cooling air flow underneath it with what the company calls the Curb. Featuring a MagSafe power cord catcher notched in its center, the Curb is a long silicone stand designed as a minimalist scalene triangle so it can be used in two different firm elevation heights that work on a flat desk surface, your lap or on a bed while reducing heat and thus fan noise. The Curb isn't the first of its kind, but it is one of the more affordably priced and good looking stands out there. Designed by M's Curb will ship in October, and you can pre-order one starting today in 7 colors for $13.

Twelve South HiRise, Height-Adjustable Stand For MacBooks Of All Sizes

In the search for greater heights, Twelve South has released the first height-adjustable MacBook stand called the HiRise. Not to be confused with the company's $80 HiRise for iMacs and Apple Displays, the sturdy aluminum-made HiRise is beautifully designed to elevate and provide an adjustable platform for any MacBook to your ideal ergonomic viewing angle. The HiRise can also align the MacBook's screen with that of an external Apple Display for a perfectly matching dual-display setup environment.

Twelve South's MacBook HiRise features a spring-loaded piston that lets you easily adjust the height, non-slip arms that improve the airflow and can accommodate all MacBook sizes from an 11-inch MacBook Air to a 15-inch MacBook Pro. The HiRise height-adjustable stand for MacBooks is available now for $70.

Just Mobile Debuts AluRack, AluBase Apple Display Mount And Stand For Macs

Just Mobile has released two new practical MacBook stands made of course from solid machined aluminum and boast a Danish design. The stands look to be a take on Twelve South's iconic BookArc and BackPack 2 Mac accessories. The first is Just Mobile's AluBase, a $50 aluminum-made block which keeps an upright hold of any 11", 13" and 15" MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Retina MacBook Pro thanks to its interchangeable rubber inserts that provide a snug and secure fit without scratching your device.

Just Mobile's $60 AluRack, is a two-piece hook-like mounting stand made from aluminum and plastic screw-in attachment that attaches onto any modern iMac, LED Cinema Display and ThunderBolt Display via the cable management hole found on the display's pedestal creating a solid shelf lined with soft plastic that lets you mount either an external hard drive or any 11", 13" and 15" MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Retina MacBook Pro.

Nir Schneider