Fugoo Wireless Speaker Redefines Durability, Packs Big Specs Into Small Form Factor

We're beginning to see companies putting their own unique spin on portable Bluetooth speakers. This year at CES 2014, new companies like Fugoo are making a serious name for themselves. Fugoo has debuted its new stylish portable speaker that features a cleverly designed modular Jacket system that let's users switch between three types of slide-on Jacket enclosures that provide a unique style or nearly indestructible protection with ease.

The Fugoo speaker itself is a self-contained angular Core unit that is completely waterproof and designed to be dust, sand, snow dirt and impact-resistant regardless of its modular exterior casing. As for hardware specs, the Fugoo Wireless Speaker boasts an impressive 40-hour battery life, loud 95dB volume, and six symmetrical placed speaker drivers positioned at an 8-degree upward tilt – two neodymium 28mm tweeters, two neodymium 39mm midrange woofers and two 43mm x 54mm passive bass radiators that harmoniously produce a rich and immersive 360 degree sound experience. This is the first time that we're seeing such a complex set of hardware in a portable speaker that's only 6.5" long. Color us impressed.

Naturally you'll find other features you've come to expect like a built-in mic for speakerphone functionality, as well as on-board volume and music button controls. But of course what sets it apart from the rest is the fact that unlike other portable speakers, the Fugoo Wireless Speaker can change its appearance and external build quality using different types of swappable durable enclosures, or "Jackets" as Fugoo calls them.

The Fugoo Wireless Speaker is being offered in three different models: the Style Jacket will run you $190 and is a slim and contemporary stylish design that is the lightest of out of the three, a sportier and more durable Sport Jacket model priced at $200 - as well as a ultra-ruggedized Tough Jacket model that'll set you back $230, which made out of strong aluminum reinforced composite resin and rubberized construction in case you were thinking about brining your music out on the battlefield. The latter Fugoo claims will protect the inner Fugoo Wireless Speaker Core with a virtually indestructible casing. Granted it is very bulky. The good thing is that no matter what Jacket is wrapping the speaker Core, the audio quality will remain the same.

It's worth noting that all three Jackets are also being sold separately in case you want to change the look and ruggedness of your Fugoo Wireless Speaker starting at $40. Fugoo is also offering various mounting accessories such as bike, strap and tripod attachment mounts that are compatible with both the Sport and Tough Jackets which have bottom mounting brackets. The Fugoo range of wireless Bluetooth speakers and accessories are set to hit retail shelves on January 21.