Tabu's App-Enabled Bluetooth Smart LED Lumen Bulb Offers Colorful Lighting

Tabu is showing off its less costly version of the Philips Hue colorful wireless light bulb at CES 2014. Tabu's Versifli Lumen Bulb TL800 is standalone $70 app-enabled Bluetooth 4.0 wirelessly connected smart bulb that lasts thirty times longer than a typical incandescent bulb, but uses five times less power. With 16 million color options, the 400-lumen bright dimmable RGBW LED (Red, Green, Blue and White) Lumen Bulb lets users customize lighting to create a desired atmosphere. The Lumen app also let's users set different types of pre-programmed modes that enable the Lumen Bulb to interact with any iOS device:

  • Call Alert Mode: Notifies users of incoming calls by flashing when the phone rings.
  • Music Sync Mode: Visualize your music by synchronizing your music and lighting effects. Music Sync Mode is customizable, allowing users to choose desired color combinations.
  • Party Mode 1 and 2: Transform any space into a dance floor with pre-programmed flashing beats that match the music.
  • Wake Mode: Mimics the sunrise in the morning, gradually brightening until it reaches maximum intensity at the stipulated wake up time.  Users can customize how long the brightening process should take, from 5 minutes to 15 minutes. 
  • Romance Mode: Creates the perfect condition for a romantic date or quiet evening at home with a warm atmosphere.
  • Relaxation Mode: Simulates calming moonlight, creating a relaxing ambiance.

Because it uses Bluetooth Smart, the bulb can be used anywhere there is a socket. The only tools needed are the bulb and Lumen’s proprietary app, currently available for Apple and some Android models. Simply download Lumen’s proprietary app, plug in the bulb and light up the room. The bulb will turn on when in Bluetooth range of the bulb, and off when outside of the range for low power consumption, both for both the phone and the bulb. The Lumen Bulb works with standard bulk sockets in your home and requires no special installation. The 7 Watt LED inside produces 400 lumens of light, which isn't exactly the brightest LED light bulb by any stretch, but it is equivalent to a normal 40W bulb and that saves power. It's available now on Amazon.