HumanToolz Creates The Most Versatile Stand For Your iPad

With all the available iPad stands out there, they all tend to feature a similar design. Many of them limit the number of angles you can place your iPad to the "video watching" angle" and the "typing" angle. Any other angles just aren't possible. Obviously, we all have different preferences and ways we use our iPad, so why shouldn't we have an accessory that caters to us? 

The award winning design team HumanToolz has created something that will rid our iPad woes. The HumanToolz stand does not have any defined angles. Similar to the hinges found on the Macbook Air, this iPad stand will securely stay in whatever angle you set it at, providing the most versatile and comfortable experience. As you would expect from such a highly regarded company, the design of the case joins seamlessly with the new iPad to be both stylish and functional. 

The HumanToolz stand is compatible with Apple's Smart Cover to provide excellent protection in the front and the corners. HumanToolz is working hard to make this excellent idea a reality on Kickstarter and they're asking for your help. Starting at $65, you can preorder yourself a HumanToolz Mobile Stand and to help them achieve their goal.