Linkase Improves Your iPhone 5's WiFi Reception, Internet Speeds

If you're having WiFi problems I feel bad for you son, let Linkase boost your iPhone 5's WiFi reception using a slide-out antenna. Granted using something like the Linkase seems absurd, and it is. But if you can't improve your WiFi reception where ever it is you spend your time, then it might not be that bad using this sleek and ultra-slim snap-on case with a good looking slider antenna.

Absolute Technology's Linkase is a normal, well designed polycarbonate protective case with a nice smooth rubbery matte finish you would use on a daily basis. It works using EMW technology (Electro Magnetic Waveguide) to improve signal performance by as much as 50% while of course improving your internet speeds when the integrated and user replaceable EMW antenna module is extended out from the back of the case. No power is used nor required. The EMW antenna works much like NFC and is positioned directly over the iPhone 5's built-in WiFi antenna where it supposedly wirelessly transfers WiFi data. 

The company behind this claims your hand is actually the major culprit in blocking your WiFi reception, and we can't help but think bullshit. While the Linkase claims to improve your mediocre WiFi reception, it does not improve your iPhone's carrier reception. The Linkase WiFi boosting iPhone 5 case is available for $50 in 5 colors, and includes two EMW antenna elements that you can swap around. Absolute Technology plans to release a Linkase for Apple's iPad, iPod touch and even Android devices in the future. If you want some proof, Absolute Technology posted a video with its Linkase in action.

Nir Schneider