Logitech Wants Its Own Fling, Outs Joystick For iPad

Logitech's latest gaming accessory is called the Joystick, and it's a springy plastic thumb stick with a few suction cups that you stick to your iPad's screen to give you better control while gaming. Looks familiar doesn't it? That's because Logitech has essentially taken Ten One Design's popular Fling and renamed it as if it were its own. Logitech has been on a shopping spree as of late. Going after products it thinks it can put its name on and sale like Zagg's Keyboard Case for the iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Only this time Logitech hasn't even mentioned its partnership with Ten One Design. At least Logitech's Joystick will run you a bit less at just $19.99 a pop instead of purchasing two Flings for $29.95.

Nir Schneider