MyLED Adds An External LED Notification Light To iPhone

Don't you wish your iPhone had a clever little LED indicator to alert you of new notifications? Android smartphones have had this convenient feature for ever now, it's time that iPhone users get the same treatment. The MyLED is a tiny $15 LED dongle that plugs into your iPhone's 3.5mm headphone jack, protruding out from any protective case you might have on for optimal visibility. The visual blinking LED light will blink red whenever you get an email, tweets, missed calls and other notifications with the help of the accompanied app which will run in the background. It's designed to keep tabs on iOS notifications that have gone unnoticed by you, for what ever reason.

The MyLED is all about simple convenience. With it injected into your iPhone's headphone jack, you'll spend less time delibretly checking your phone for any important events you've might have missed whilst you were away or simply addicted to social networking. The MyLED will also work with the iPad. The only significant caveat is that you will have to sacrafice your headphone listening enjoyment. As if that wasn't pretty obvious.

Nir Schneider