ODOC iPhone Charging Dock Twists Into Multiple Viewing Angles

Kickstarter brought us many gorgeous looking iPhone docks in the past, but they've all had the same old docking function. The ODOC does what no other charging dock is able to do. With a simple twist of its machined aluminum and glass cylindrical shaped body, the ODOC lets you click into various different viewing angles that best suit your needs, whether it's Facetiming or comfortably adjusting the angle so that you can keep on using your iPhone without having to undock it at all.

The ODOC further features a wide enough docking space that can accommodate protective cases, a weighted base for one-handed iPhone undocking (that's a win!) and USB and audio line-out ports and it comes with a USB to USB cable. The ODOC is purely a versatile iPhone charge and sync dock. It's now available to pre-order at $109 in a bead-blasted, clear-coat finish. The ODOC also comes in glossy white and matte black at $129.

Nir Schneider