Photojojo Turns Your iPhone Into A GoPro

Summer is finally here and you have huge family vacations planned to go on cruises, hang out on the beach, or even to just relax by the pool. All of these activities have one thing in common: water. Photojojo's Scuba Suit is the perfect companion for your iPhone during these trips. Just slap it on and take a plunge into ocean without having to worry about a thing...for the first 15 ft. Similar to a GoPro, you can take pictures or videos underwater to snap some photos of beautiful sea creatures or just your kids having fun. 

Not only does the Scuba Suit guarantee a 100% waterproof case, the optical grade lens cover will get you some surprisingly great shots. The overall protection and quality of this case makes for a perfect accessory for the daily adventurer. Go ahead and check them out at Photojojo's website. They retail for $60.