Sinch Wants To Keep Your Headphone Wires Tangle-Free

After endless amounts of cable management solutions, the Sinch tries to take a stab at organizing your in-ear headphone wires in a more innovative way using flexible strip with powerful magnets to help keep it clinged together while neatly securing those wires of yours. The Sinch wants to keep your in-ear and earbud headphones tangle-free and doesn't care that obviously most already are. While the Sinch looks like an innovative solution, its idea of organizing your cables isn't all that great. You'll still have to wrap your cables around your device while the Sinch offers a bit of help to keep them more tidy while it attaches to your headphones' 3.5mm plug and piggy backs on the back of your device.

Do you smell that? It's the smell of gimmick right there. I really hope you aren't using those awful Apple earbuds. In any case, the Sinch is available in black and white for $15.99.

Nir Schneider