Skullcandy Crusher Headphones Vibrate Deep Bass

Skullcandy was once known for its outlandish, affordable, mediocre sounding headphones. But that was then. These days, Skullcandy's higher-end headphones actually do sound good for the price. And we wouldn't be surprised to hear Skullcandy's latest and greatest, comfortable-looking over-ear headphones pack a solid punch of audio for the price. The Crusher are Skullcandy's new mainstream designed $100 pair of plastic constructed, closed back cans. But these aren't just another pair of headphones, because the Crusher features an independent vibrating driver which is supposed to deliver that extra bit of THUMP right beside the 40mm speaker driver in both ear cups. Much like a tweeter and woofer setup, but not quite. Users will be able to adjust the intensity of the vibration using the on-board control. This interesting setup should help the Crusher pump out satisfying bass that vibrates into your skull while retaining the necessary clarity in the sound. Or so they say.

Skullcandy's Crusher headphones will be battery powered of course. Because after all, there's a lot of sound that needs pushing. They can fold up for portable carry or storage, and also feature a dethable audio cable with an in-line remote and mic. You'll be able to pick up a pair in red, white and black this March. You can bet these will be awesome for dubstep.

Nir Schneider