SwitchEasy FreeRunner iPhone 5 Case Released

SwitchEasy has recently released its most protective case ever for the iPhone 5. We tend to feature SwitchEasy's cases more often than not duly due to the fact that the company always thinks of everything when creating a case that fits the bill. The new FreeRunner case offers 360 degree rugged drop, dust and scratch protection with its three-layer, slim construction. While this isn't SwitchEasy's most interesting pattern, it features a tough polycarbonate UltraFrame spine that snaps onto the back of the case which is made from a shock-absorbing TPV rubber material.

SwitchEasy's FreeRunner case is first to have a full, clear polycarbonate touch-sensitive panel that is a part of the FreeRunner's three-layers of protection. This hard polycarbonate screen panel protects the iPhone 5's screen better than a normal flimsy screen protector. It also features built-in ports plugs and a tactile jelly bean rubber home button which can be interchanged with one of the white and black buttons included with the case. The FreeRunner case for the iPhone 5 is available now in 6 colors for $35.

Nir Schneider