SwitchEasy Intros SafeKeys MacBook Keyboard Covers

SwitchEasy is slowly but surely starting to out products not just for the iPhone and iPad, but also for the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. SwitchEasy's new SafeKeys are silicone keyboard covers made for 2011 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro and include the updates Lion keys for Launchpad and Mission Control. The SafeKeys keep your keyboard protected from accidental liquid spills, Cheetos covered fingers and small debris and are available now in 5 different solid colors including clear for $24.99. SwitchEasy hasn't made it clear whether these silicone keyboard covers actually let the keyboard backlight shine thru or not.

If $25 is a wee bit too expensive for you, check out our handy guide for the most affordable (and most likely less quality focused as opposed to the SafeKeys) keyboard covers money can buy.