Logitech Keys-To-Go Is A Surface Touch Cover-Like Keyboard For iPad

You can now own a Microsoft Surface Touch Cover-like wireless keyboard for your iPad with Logitech's new ultra-flat Keys-To-Go keyboard. This is Logitech's first standalone Bluetooth keyboard designed for portable use thanks to its compact form factor and durable design. And because it's Bluetooth enabled and features iOS shortcut keys, Logitech says that you can use it with any iPad including Apple's latest iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3, as well as with a Mac in a desktop setting. Although its very similar to Microsoft's Surface tablet Touch Cover keyboard, Logitech's Keys-To-Go will not magnetically attach to an iPad or provide versatile typing angles as it is meant to be used like a traditional wireless keyboard, laying completely flat on a surface. With a built-in rechargeable battery, the Keys-To-Go can last up to three full months on a single charge.

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Logitech Intros Ultrathin Keyboard Cover For iPad 2 & iPad 3rd Gen

Looking for a keyboard case that's slim and attractive? Logitech has got you covered, literally! Logitech's latest keyboard offering is called the Ultrathin Keyboard Cover, and only compatible with the iPad 2 and iPad 3rd Gen for a good enough reason. This is one of the more impressive keyboard offerings to come out of Logitech as well as other competing brands alike. The Ultrathin Keyboard Cover works like like a true Smart Cover in that it magnetically clings to the iPad and covers the front screen entirely when stored away for protection is ease of use while retaining the magnetic sleep/wake functionality. It's essentially an aluminum Smart Cover with a built-in, ultra-slim wireless Bluetooth keyboard that features a built-in stand for landscape or portrait viewing angles, function keys and a rechargeable battery that promises to last for 6 months on a single charge.

The ultra-sleek Ultrathin Keyboard Cover is made to look and fit the iPad for a seamless match with a contoured aluminum shell, a piano-black finish and matte chiclet style keyboard keys that should feel great to type on knowing Logitech keyboards are one of the best. Logitch's Ultrathin Keyboard Cover is available to pre-order now for $99.99, and ships later this month. See it in action after the jump!

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SwitchEasy Intros SafeKeys MacBook Keyboard Covers

SwitchEasy is slowly but surely starting to out products not just for the iPhone and iPad, but also for the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. SwitchEasy's new SafeKeys are silicone keyboard covers made for 2011 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro and include the updates Lion keys for Launchpad and Mission Control. The SafeKeys keep your keyboard protected from accidental liquid spills, Cheetos covered fingers and small debris and are available now in 5 different solid colors including clear for $24.99. SwitchEasy hasn't made it clear whether these silicone keyboard covers actually let the keyboard backlight shine thru or not.

If $25 is a wee bit too expensive for you, check out our handy guide for the most affordable (and most likely less quality focused as opposed to the SafeKeys) keyboard covers money can buy.

iKeyboard Turns Your iPad 2's Virtual Keyboard Into A Tactile One

Here's something that will make you say "why didn't I think of that"? The iKeyboard lets iPad 2 users get the same feel of a real keyboard, or at least very close to the real thing, by providing tactile feel similar to Apple's chiclet keyboards. The iKeyboard lays on top of the iPad's virtual keyboard and by doing so, adds a look and feel of a keyboard you're used to typing on. You can lay your fingers on top of the keyboard without triggering the virtual keys, only when you really want to press down on the ikeyboards keys which then provide you with a tactile feedback of a key press. Those who use Apple's Bluetooth Wireless keyboard will want to take a look at this ingenious, silicone virtual keyboard cover? Yes! The iKeyboard is currently on Kickstarter and if you want one of these, you can pre-order yours for $30.

Nir Schneider