Logitech Keys-To-Go Is A Surface Touch Cover-Like Keyboard For iPad

You can now own a Microsoft Surface Touch Cover-like wireless keyboard for your iPad with Logitech's new ultra-flat Keys-To-Go keyboard. This is Logitech's first standalone Bluetooth keyboard designed for portable use thanks to its compact form factor and durable design. And because it's Bluetooth enabled and features iOS shortcut keys, Logitech says that you can use it with any iPad including Apple's latest iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3, as well as with a Mac in a desktop setting. Although its very similar to Microsoft's Surface tablet Touch Cover keyboard, Logitech's Keys-To-Go will not magnetically attach to an iPad or provide versatile typing angles as it is meant to be used like a traditional wireless keyboard, laying completely flat on a surface. With a built-in rechargeable battery, the Keys-To-Go can last up to three full months on a single charge.

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Logitech K760 Compact Mac, iPad, iPhone Wireless Solar Keyboard

Logitech is expending its line of solar keyboard today with its latest offering, the K760 Wireless Solar Keyboard made for Mac, iPad and iPhone. The K760 is the Bluetooth compact equivalent of Logitech's K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard, and can easily remain powered by low indoor lighting while recharging its internal battery that can last up to three months in total darkness thanks to the sensitive solar panel. Logitech's K760 Wireless Solar Keyboard features a slim, minimalist design and Mac-specific keys, including Command, Brightness, Eject and more. The unique Logitech concave key design gives you more comfortable and quiet typing, and offers more speed and precision than typing on an on-screen keyboard. 

With the K760's Bluetooth connectivity you'll be able to pair up to three devices at once while instantly being able to switch from one to the other with the push of a button. The K760 Solar Wireless Keyboard will only be available in silver. It's now available to pre-order at $79.99 with an early June release date.

Logitech Intros Solar Keyboard Folio iPad Keyboard Case

Logitech does what Logitech does best. It keeps on making keyboards, more for the iPad. After releasing the Ultrathin Keyboard Cover, Logitech has just introduced its Solar Keyboard Folio, a Bluetooth 3.0 keyboard folio case for the iPad 2 and iPad 3rd Gen that employs solar panels as sensitive as the ones Logitech uses on its K750 solar keyboard for the Mac and PC that can provide power from indoor and outdoor low-light conditions and lamp lights. The Solar Keyboard Folio features a built-in rechargeable battery that when fully charged, will last for two years with average daily use.

Logitech's Solar Keyboard Folio also incorporates the magnetic on/off for instantly waking and putting the iPad to sleep, and folds open and can be positioned in two viewing angles best for typing and viewing pleasure. You can pre-order the Solar Keyboard Folio right now for $129.99, and it'll be available in the US and Europe later this month. 

Brydge Makes Your iPad Work Like A MacBook Air

Meet the Brydge. It's the one and only true keyboard offering that's designed to the Apple-infringement max with an all-aluminum body and a black chiclet style Bluetooth keyboard that transforms your iPad 2 and iPad 3rd generation into a portable MacBook Pad that's as slim as a MacBook Air. There's no doubt that more and more people want to enjoy the full experience of a portable laptop using their iPad. We covered a few different Bluetooth keyboard case solutions for the iPad that have come close to mimicking the form factor of a full fledge iPad keyboard laptop package including the plastic unibody MacBook-like ClamCase and the thin MacBook Air-like Aluminum Keyboard Buddy.

The Brydge features a full QWERTY keyboard layout with dedicated iPad hotkeys, optional built-in stereo speakers, a rechargeable battery, reinforced click-in hinge that uses magnets and friction to secure the iPad to the keyboard body and is capable of tilting in 180 degrees. The guys behind the Brydge wanted to create the highest quality keyboard case possible, and that means matching the quality standards of Apple's aluminum gadgets. The Brydge is currently available for pre-order starting at a hefty price tag of $170. And if you'd like the Brydge with stereo speakers built in, you're going to fork out $210. We think the Brydge is going to be a great success. Catch the video after the jump!

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