Nintendo 3DS' New $169 Price Tag, Free Games To Current Owners

Nintendo has announced it will drop the price of its Nintendo 3DS portable gaming console down to $169 from the $249.99 suggested launch price. Bad sales are most likely the reason why Nintendo has slashed the price of the 3DS in hopes a more affordable price will attract buyers. The new $169 priced Nintendo 3DS will be available on August 12. If that wasn't enough, current Nintendo 3DS owners will be rewarded with 20 free NES and Game Boy Advance games downloadable from the Nintendo eShop starting September 1st. Hit up the source link for the full breakdown of the free game titles.

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WaterField Designs Outs Cases For Nintendo 3DS

One of my favorite case and bag manufacturer, WaterField Designs, has released a few cases made for the newly released Nintendo 3DS. Like always, WaterField has brought a few familiar cases to the Nintendo 3DS like the Suede Jacket - an ultra-slim and form-fitting suede sleeve with a pocket option, the Nintendo 3DS Case - constructed from ballistic nylon with a double layer leather flap with interior game card pockets, and last but not least the Nintendo 3DS Travel Case - designed to store your Nintendo 3DS with additional accessories including the power brick. Prices range from $11 to $49. The Nintendo 3DS Suede Jacket and Nintendo 3DS Travel Case are now shipping while the Nintendo 3DS Case will start shipping later this month.

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Nintendo 3DS Now On Sale

The wait is finally over for Nintendo fans, the new Nintendo 3DS portable gaming console is now on sale. The 3DS brings real 3D gameplay without the use of 3D glasses or other accessories. Besides playing games in 3D, you can take photos in 3D using the built-in stereo 3D cameras as well as watch videos in 3D. There are further hardware improvments over the older Nintendo DS like new input interfaces including a Circle Pad, gyro and motion sensors. The good thing is you can turn off the 3D graphics if you start to feel nauseous. See the Nintendo 3DS hardware specs after the break.

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Nintendo 3DS Announced


Today at E3, Nintendo announced the 3DS. The newest portable gaming device from Nintendo can now deliver 3D content without the need to wear glasses. Just like on the previous DS's, there are 2 screens, but on the 3DS, there is a 3.5" which when placed at a certain distance from your eyes gives the optimum 3D experience. Alike the older DS, there is a resistive touch screen at the bottom of the device and the front-facing camera. However another feature is the dual camera system on the back of the main display which allows users to capture 3D images. There is also a Analog stick, D-Pad, WiFi, a Gyroscope and a motion sensor. The price and the release date was not announced.

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Source: BGR