4th Design Blade 5 Aluminum Bumper Tweaked For iPhone 5

4th Design, also known as Tiger Design, has officially announced that its Blade 5 aluminum machined bumper case for the iPhone 5 will be available to purchase starting next week. The Blade 5 is the much anticipated continuation of the company's most popular Blade bumper for the iPhone 4/S. It features redesigned tweaks like integrated knurled metal volume buttons as well as an integrated metal sleep/wake button and a polymer silent switch. The Blade 5 boasts a new highly elastic polymer frame that should eliminate any potential scratches made to the iPhone 5 while preventing any reception degradation and insuring a perfect fit. 4th Design's Blade 5 will initially be available in 7 anodized colors with a glossy finish and precision detailing for around $80. Our review of the Blade 5 will soon follow!

Nir Schneider