Twelve South's BackPack 2 Shelf Mounts MacBook Air Behind Apple Displays

Twelve South has announced the release of the BackPack 2, a re-designed shelf made from sturdy steel construction that can attach onto any iMac, Apple Thunderbolt and Cinema Displays to save desk you desk space while blending in as if it were made by Apple. The new redesigned BackPack 2 can support a load of up to 3.5 pounds, positioned at any height along the stand, and brings three new features that include removable vertical support pegs for propping up vertical hard drives including the MacBook Air. The BackPack 2's new cable management side rails route cables and keep them in place when unplugging.

The third new feature is the ability to mount the BackPack 2 as a front-facing shelf for storing all kinds of gadgets above your desk. Twelve South's BackPack 2 is now available for $35.

Nir Schneider