Google Now Allowing Public To Get Early Access To Glass

Last summer Google announced at their Google I/O conference their “Explorer” edition of its Google Glass project allowing early buyers an opportunity to pre-order one for $1500. For those who think they are, “...creative individuals who want to join us and be a part of shaping the future of Glass,” Google is now taking open applications to allow the public to purchase their bold new headset. For those unfamiliar with the Glass project, it is an augmented reality head-set display that would display smartphone like information. Examples of what it could do include: taking a photo or video, allowing others to see what you see in real-time, give directions or even translate text for you. To apply, you’ll need to submit an application via Google+ or Twitter being 50 words or less describing what you would do if you had Glass and begin it with hashtag #ifihadglass. You can include up to 5 photos and a short 15 second max video also. If you get accepted you’ll still need the $1500 but you will be able to attend a, “special pick-up experience,” in Los Angeles, New York, or San Francisco. Good luck because the deadline is February 27th.