Audyssey Debuts Lower East Side Audio Dock Air With AirPlay

Our favorite speaker dock maker, Audyssey, has announced of a new AirPlay wireless music streaming machine of a speaker dock called the Lower East Side Audio Dock Air. Yes that's a long time, and yes this is in many ways similar to the good old South Of Market speaker dock we reviewed and fell in love with last year, only with less of a head turning streamline design. Audyssey's latest and greatest promises to outperform any comparably priced AirPlay audio dock on the market thanks to Audyssey's proprietary Smart Speaker technology. These are big words we can just about believe after using Audyssey's South Of Market dock. Wireless streaming is obviously the main focus here, so much that there isn't an actual dock to dock your iPhone or iPod. You'll be able to stream music from your computer using iTunes and with iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad with AirPlay.

under the hood, the Lower East Side Audio Dock Air is packing two 4-inch passive bass radiators for that signature rumbling deep lows Audyssey is known for, two 3-inch midrange woofers, two 1-inch tweeters all delivering distortion-free, power and precise sound quality. If you feel like using some cables, there are 3.5mm line input and 3.5mm headphone output ports as well. Good sound doesn't come cheap, you'll be dropping $400 on the Lower Easy Side Audio Dock Air. It'll be available starting November. 

Audyssey Lower East Side Speakers Released

Ever since I've review the South Of The Market wireless speaker dock, Audyssey has won me over with incredible sound. Today, Audyssey has finally released a pair of desktop speakers dubbed the Lower East Side, or simply LES for short. The only thing that bothered me with Audyssey's incredible speaker dock was the hefty price tag of $399. You'll be glad to hear that these babies are set to cost you $199, a much more competitive price point for sure. Audyssey's LES desktop speakers promise you'll like the way they look on your desk, but even more so, you'll love how they sound. The LES desktop speakers let you hear every single musical detail with low bass, warm mids and clear highs. Sounds perfect right? 

Specs per set:

  • Two 3.5-inch woofers
  • Two .75-inch silk dome tweeters
  • One 4-inch passive bass radiator 
  • Digital optical audio input (TOSLINK)
  • 3.5 mm line input
  • 3.5 mm headphone output 
  • Easy access volume control
  • Automatic standby mode

In addition to sounding great, these speakers have something pretty unique. A digital optical input, which means you can connect the Lower East Side speakers to an Apple TV and you have yourself an AirPlay-enabled wireless audio system. You'll be able to snatch a pair later this month for $199.

Nir Schneider