Call Of Duty: Black Ops For OS X Now Available To Download


It only took forever, and you should have expected that as a Mac user, but finally Call Of Duty: Black Ops is now available for download at the Mac App Store for $50. This comes with the unfortunate bad news however. Aside from the massive 12GB file size you'll need to be downloading, apparently the developer of the game, Aspyr, claims that 2012 MacBook Pros with the Nvidia 650M graphics card are not yet supported. Black Ops will not be able to run on some MacBook Airs and Pros. Visit the Mac App Store to see if you've got a supported graphics card and minimum performance to run and gun your online multiplayer heart away. Windows users must be hard at work laughing their butts off.

Nir Schneider


TweetBot Is Coming To Mac?

Anyone who relies heavily on Twitter knows that Tapbot's Twitter client, Tweetbot, is a phenomenal app that leaves the original Twitter app in its dust. After experiencing Tweetbot for iOS, many of us have hoped for the same experience on our Mac. 

Tapbot developer Paul Haddad had multiple tweets lately coming from a possible test client of Tweetbot for Mac. While a public beta has yet to be released, this is still exciting news for all us Twitter fans who are looking for a great Twitter client to replace the clunky client on the Mac App Store.