Pod à Porter Sporty Neckband Cradles Your iPod Shuffle

One of the more neglected Apple iPod is the 4th gen iPod Shuffle. There are very few accessories for it and while it's one of the perfect gym and running music player buddy, very few companies have invested in creating accessories for the tiny player. If the 4th gen iPod Shuffle is your daily music player, you might be interested in checking out the Pod à Porter. It lets you wear your Shuffle around you neck like a necklace without getting your earphone cables tangled. The Pod à Porter is made using a 3D printing technology that allows the creation of very complex shapes such as the Pod à Porter. 

Your iPod Shuffle is incased inside the Pod à Porter neckband while leaving all the original controls easily accessible. This seems like the perfect accessory if you're a runner or an active person that exercises. You don't need to worry about your earphones dropping, this little flexible neckband has got you covered. You can grab yours in 4 different colors for $29.50 or € 20.86.

Nir Schneider