Look Good With Oakley's Limited Edition Transformers 3D Gascan

Oakley has released a limited edition Transformers Gascan 3D glasses with HDO-3D technology that eliminates any ghosting effects that most regular 3D glasses have, and truer on-screen colors. Oakley's 3D Gascans are the first to boast optically correct, scratch-resistant 3D lenses that don't distort your vision like other 3D glasses that magnify images. But forget about the specs, what you really want is to look cool wearing a pair of 3D glasses. These limited edition Oakley 3D Gascans are emblazed with Transformers inspired graphics and two different colored Oakley icons on each side. The bad? These are strictly for 3D movie watching so you can't use these as sunglasses. The good? You get a matching storage pouch. So pick your side and a pair of 3D Gascan glasses for $150. 

Nir Schneider