PlugBug World Converts Your MacBook Power Adapter Into A Dual Global Charger

Twelve South has released an international version of its travel-friendly PlugBug today called the PlugBug World. Like the original, the PlugBug World can function as a standalone fast USB wall charger with plenty of power to charge an iPad up to four times faster than the USB port on a MacBook. It also piggybacks onto any MacBook power adapter, essentially converting it into a dual charging beast that only uses up one wall/power outlet. The 2.1-Amp USB port outputs more power than the small USB power adapter Apple supplies with its iPhone and iPad mini, enabling it to charge your iDevices more efficiently.

The PlugBug World is an extra useful replacement for Apple's own World Travel Adapter Kit, in that it also includes multiple international interchangeable prong adapters that can be easily swapped depending on which country you visit for use in the UK, Continental Europe, Australia, New Zealand, North America, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Japan and other countries which share similar adapters. The unique accessory will make traveling Mac users' lives much easier for $45.

Nir Schneider