Rollo Collar Integrates The Leash Into One Modern Collar

Meet the Rollo Collar, an uber ingenious gadget that'll make you pull money out of your wallet and throw it at your screen. What is it you ask? The Rollo Collar is a svelte dog collar with a built-in retractable leash. It's more of a rubberized watch band for your dog than an ordinary collar though. It's so good looking it makes me want to be a dog just so I can wear one myself. Hey, if you're kinky enough, you could. We won't tell your neighbors. I personally don't own a dog, but this has got to be one of the most innovative ideas we've seen in a while that's so well designed it could have been turned into a smart watch or one of them fitness tracking monitors.

The Rollo Collar is not a concept, it's a full functioning product designed to be worn as an everyday collar until it's time for a walk in the park. You'd then grab onto the magnetically clinged handle, and the durable nylon corded leash automatically retracts from within its collar housing mechanism. It's that intuitive. The leash can extend up to 4.5 feet and features a length locking mechanism. The idea is to simplify your daily routine of having to use two separate detachable accessories, into one seamless gear that's always there when you need it. On your dog that is.

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