Vapor Pro Elite Black Ops 2 iPhone Case Fitted With VZ Grips Gun Grip

The harbinger of aluminum iPhone cases, Element Case, has just come out with a new and improved tactical-approved Vapor Pro Elite Black Ops 2 case for the iPhone 4 and 4S. The second iteration brings with it a redesigned Elite aluminum frame coated with military spec type 3 hardened non-glare black coating and a perforated, amber colored RF bridge for unhindered reception performance. The new Vapor Pro Elite Black Ops 2 also features a unique and beveled, true gun grip-style 1911 G10 machined hard back plate exclusively made by veteran firearms grip maker, VZ Grips.

Element Case's Vapor Pro Elite Black Ops 2 case is available now for a cool $180. In case you're thinking about getting that awesome VZ Grips 1911 G10 iPhone grip by itself, luckily it's also available separately for $40, and can be applied like a normal skin.