Element Case Debuts Sector 5 Aluminum iPhone 5 Bumper Case

Element Case has secretly announced its latest addition to its iPhone metal case lineup called the Sector 5. This is Element Case's most extreme and over-engineered machined aluminum bumper case yet that features a radical new design. The Sector 5's CNC trussed design is extremely rigid yet lightweight. For the first time, the Sector 5 utilizes a unique multi-link fastening and modular system that claims to enable users to quickly install and remove the case off of their phone using just one screw, while the interesting modular construction will allow for future add-ons and upgrade accessories.

The Sector's anodized aluminum is finished off using Element Case's brilliant matte Flux coating in a gun metal grey color. The Sector case will not interfere with the iPhone's reception thanks to its plastic RF bridge insert. It'll include two black and grey Ultrasuede back plate skins and a transit kit. Element Case's new Sector 5 case is available for $140.

Vapor Pro Elite Black Ops 2 iPhone Case Fitted With VZ Grips Gun Grip

The harbinger of aluminum iPhone cases, Element Case, has just come out with a new and improved tactical-approved Vapor Pro Elite Black Ops 2 case for the iPhone 4 and 4S. The second iteration brings with it a redesigned Elite aluminum frame coated with military spec type 3 hardened non-glare black coating and a perforated, amber colored RF bridge for unhindered reception performance. The new Vapor Pro Elite Black Ops 2 also features a unique and beveled, true gun grip-style 1911 G10 machined hard back plate exclusively made by veteran firearms grip maker, VZ Grips.

Element Case's Vapor Pro Elite Black Ops 2 case is available now for a cool $180. In case you're thinking about getting that awesome VZ Grips 1911 G10 iPhone grip by itself, luckily it's also available separately for $40, and can be applied like a normal skin.

Ag++ Aluminum Bumper Case, Another iPhone Bumper Beauty

We be you thought iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 cases got boring right? How about these latest CNC machined aluminum bumper cases designed by Italian designer Andrea Ponti dubbed the Ag++. Although this looks like another impossibly comfortable to hold Draco IV bumper, the Ag++ was designed to be ergonomic when held and features a beautiful two-tone color scheme that's available in a slew of different colors from glossy to matte finished. The bumper case has a two-piece, slim construction that comes together and ia secured using two hex screws.

The Ag++ aluminum bumper case is lined with shock absorbing lining and offers direct access to all ports and buttons , and includes two carbon fiber-like black and silver back skins at $50. Yes it looks pretty, but the company hasn't mentioned whether or not the Ag++ degrades the iPhone's reception being that it's fully made out of metal.

Element Case Design Studio Lets You Customize Vapor iPhone Cases

Element Case has just introduced its first ever personal customization service where customers can customize the Vapor Comp and Vapor Pro aluminum hybrid iPhone 4 and 4S cases from top to bottom with the option to purchase additional spare parts all without any additional fees. If you were contemplating on which color would suit your iPhone best, the new Design Studio service lets users pick a white or black iPhone as a model preview and includes 13 different Flux finish colors and multiple different key component colors for customizing screws, side grips, buttons as well as the back Ultrasuede insert.

Rokform's Rokbed Fuzion Aluminum Hybrid Case Slides On Your iPhone

Rokform is saying goodbye to its aluminum Rokbed iPhone 4 case for a more appropriate hybrid case called the Rokbed Fuzion. A case with a slider-style design that requires no twisting of any kind of screws, made for both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S that's made out of a CNC machined aluminum upper body boasting a rugged look with a slide-on polycarbonate bottom cap that should eliminate all reception degradation. The Rokbed Fuzion will set you back $79, and is now available in a slew of anodized colors.

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Aviation Aluminum Bumper Looks Affordably Good

Every now and then we stumble upon some new kind of aluminum bumper, and as you know, we love us aluminum bumper cases. This one comes to us from an accessory company that calls itself GGMM. GGMM's Aviation bumper is CNC machined from a single block of anodized aluminum with anti-slip micro machined jimping to help with grip like we've seen on the Blade aluminum bumper. The Aviation is compatible with both iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S and was designed to have a simplistic slim profile with some interesting aspects. This is certainly not one of those aluminum bumper cases that will make you drool out of curiosity, though it has its own charm and is one of the most affordable all-aluminum bumper we've seen to date at around $25. 

You can grab one in 7 different colors if you head over to eBay.

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iSkin Debuts First Aura Brushed Aluminum iPhone 4S Case

iSkin's first aluminum case isn't what we would call a true aluminum case, but it's close and looks fancy enough. iSkin's new Aura case for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S is a dock-friendly, back snap-on thin and slim case with a brushed aluminum back plate. The Aura case is also designed to virtually fit any 3rd party accessory and comes in Silver with a white band, Graphite with a black band and Navy with a black band for $39.99.

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